• De Standaard, March 2018. Digital version of interview in Het Nieuwsblad appears in the digital DS Avond edition: http://www.standaard.be/cnt/dmf20180309_03399596
  • Het Nieuwsblad, March 2018. Interview on being the first Belgian to complete the world’s toughest long distance trail
  • Romerikes Blad, February 2018. Interview about successful completion as first Norwegian of The Great Himalaya Trail in Nepal: http://www.e-pages.dk/rb_no/4593/article/696222/12/1/render/?token=548d0015fef7ecb7808af723001ed362
  • A.S. Magazine, November 2017. Interview on upcoming expedition in Nepal, living an outdoor life and working as a musher in Lapland
  • Rizolli USA, October 2018. Contributed a number of images to the book ‘The Great Wide Open‘. http://www.rizzoliusa.com/book.php?isbn=9780847860937
  • SisuGirls, January 2017: ‘Eef uncovers her iron will‘. Story based on Serious Sisu interview for Sisu Stories series. http://sisugirls.org/stories/eef-uncovers-her-iron-will
  • SisuGirls, January 2017. Interview for the ‘Serious Sisu’ series: http://sisugirls.org/serioussisu/2017/1/19/serious-sisu-eef-de-boeck
  • Wilderness Magazine, July 2016: Hidden gems of the Long Pathway. “Everyone knows the Te Araroa Trail covers some of the most spectacular landscapes New Zealand has on offer, from the sweeping beaches of the north to the soaring peaks of the south. It includes places keen Kiwi trampers put high on their bucket lists, such as Nelson Lakes National Park. Yet for those seeking a taste of the Long Pathway, away from the crowds, it includes quiet, hidden places that are spectacular in their own right.”
  • Far Out Magazine, April 2016: 3000km wandelen in Nieuw-Zeeland. “Te Araroa, goed voor 3000 kilometer wandelen in Nieuw-Zeeland, is een van de jongste langeafstandsroutes en loopt langs de meest spectaculaire landschappen van Nieuw-Zeeland. Eef De Boeck en haar Noorse vriend Per Jonas legden de 3000 kilometer al wandelend af, van het noordelijkste puntje in Cape Reinga tot de plek waar de Zuidelijke Oceaan wild op de kliffen van het schiereiland bij Bluff beukt…”
  • Wilderness Magazine, Juli 2015: Foreign walkers not to blame. “The article ‘A load of crap’ (May 2015) described the abominable condition of Hamilton Hut and its surroundings found by the author on recent visits. No matter how much I agree with his irritation towards people leaving their rubbish behind, not cleaning huts or doing their business everywhere, I found the conclusion he jumped to – that this must be done by Te Araroa Trail hikers who ‘use the trail as freedom camping and will crap anywhere, anytime’ – contrary to my own experiences and made without offering any substantial proof that through-hikers were to blame.”
  • Gestalten, June 2015. Contributed several images to the book ‘The Great Wide Open‘ on contemporary landscape photography
  • Eidsvoll Ullensaker Blad, January 2015. Interview about our hike across New Zealand: http://www.eub.no/kultur/noen-gar-spasertur-dette-paret-gar-300-mil
  • Het Laatste Nieuws, October 2014. Interview before departure on Te Araroa: