A year of through-hiking

Finally I'm starting to come to the end of going through all the photographs we took during a year of hiking and traveling in New Zealand and Australia. During the entire 4500km across New Zealand, Stewart Island and Australia we made self-portraits, inspired by other hikers who had done the same along the PCT. And … Continue reading A year of through-hiking


A little bit of the Camino

Starting something without any expectations whatsoever can lead to unexpected surprises, and honestly, I am a fan of these moments. I've never had a great interest in the Camino: I always considered it too paved, it seemed far too touristic, and with no tenting options it didn't really lean close to my idea of a … Continue reading A little bit of the Camino

To the end of the road. And then a little bit further.

When the time had finally come to fly back to Europe I was nervous: nervous about having a culture shock, nervous about seeing the same people again after all that had passed, nervous about disliking Belgium even more than I used to. Surprisingly, I loved being there. It was great spending time in my home … Continue reading To the end of the road. And then a little bit further.