One year of through hiking

Finally I'm starting to come to the end of going through all the photographs we took during a year of hiking and traveling in New Zealand and Australia. During the entire 4500km across New Zealand, Stewart Island and Australia we made self-portraits, inspired by other hikers who had done the same along the PCT. And … Continue reading One year of through hiking


Reminiscing Te Araroa

Today, it has been exactly one year ago since we stepped on a plane in Oslo and headed for New Zealand. The excitement, the nerves, the anxiousness… When I think back about it today, I think about two rookies about to embark on the hike of a lifetime. And I wish that today was that … Continue reading Reminiscing Te Araroa

A Gastronomical Guide to Te Araroa

Food. You want it. You want it now! You want lots of it. You want it greasy. You want it in unlimited supplies to fuel that hiker hunger. Food will dominate your thoughts and your conversations from beginning to end, increasingly more as you progress on the trail. So let's talk about food. What to … Continue reading A Gastronomical Guide to Te Araroa

Project SisuGirls

Sisu [noun] extraordinary determination, bravery & resilience in the face of extreme adversity. Ability to see past one's present mindset and take action against the odds to reach beyond observed capacities. About 20% of the population is said to possess what is now called 'the adventure gen'. These people are born to wander, destined to … Continue reading Project SisuGirls

The Lure of the Trail

Somewhere between 4 and 7 in the morning you'll get yourself out of that warm and comfortable sleeping bag, getting ready for another potential 12+ hours day of walking. As the countless kilometers still lying between you and your end goal pass by, you gaze at your surroundings while your thoughts are dominated by a tasty … Continue reading The Lure of the Trail

Te Araroa Logistics – part II

Preparing for Te Araroa might seem like a daunting experience, especially if it's your first through-hike. Yet, it is not as hard as it seems, and the key rule is to remember that most things will explain and solve themselves when you are out there. The best piece of advice we've read before starting was to … Continue reading Te Araroa Logistics – part II

Battle for the Birds

Once upon a time, New Zealand hosted a variety of bird life unseen anywhere else on the planet. The birds were everywhere and everything, in all different sizes, shapes and colours, filling the forests with songs so loud they could be heard from miles offshore. Today, many of the forests we walked through are silent. On … Continue reading Battle for the Birds