The road through Norway, part IV: Svalbard

Being the last outpost before the North Pole, the backcountry of Svalbard is one that truly deserves to be called wilderness. On these desolate islands approximately 2500 people share the land with more than 3000 polar bears. The geography is striking: pointy mountains rising out of the sea, broad valleys crosscut by glacial rivers, ridgelines … Continue reading The road through Norway, part IV: Svalbard


The Arctic Circle and Beyond

Over three weeks ago we got back above the polar circle, unpacked all the wool we could find and started up at another kennel for a new winter season of dog sled guiding. This year it will only be the two of us taking care of a small pack of 36 dogs, with whom we will … Continue reading The Arctic Circle and Beyond

Geirangerfjord & Sunnmørsalpene

Though not far in distance, it is a good 5 hour drive from Flåm to the Geirangerfjord, and therefore we had not made it there the last time we lived here. This summer we aim to explore as much as possible in our own fjord and the Nærøyfjord, but this was the one trip we … Continue reading Geirangerfjord & Sunnmørsalpene

The Road through Norway, part II: Lofoten

Our arrival on the Lofoten Islands was not as glamorous as the one in Lyngen had been: instead of brilliant sunshine we were met with threatening dark skies. Long had we believed that we would make it all the way down to Oslo without a single drop of rain, and long had we not checked … Continue reading The Road through Norway, part II: Lofoten

To the end of the road. And then a little bit further.

When the time had finally come to fly back to Europe I was nervous: nervous about having a culture shock, nervous about seeing the same people again after all that had passed, nervous about disliking Belgium even more than I used to. Surprisingly, I loved being there. It was great spending time in my home … Continue reading To the end of the road. And then a little bit further.

Ten Reasons to Visit the High North

For many people, visiting the high north is a very special experience. They come into a world completely different from what they know. Vast and empty, dark and covered in snow, this region has many things to offer that draw many thousands of tourists every year. And they have have many reasons to choose to … Continue reading Ten Reasons to Visit the High North

The Lapland Express: Junosuando and Kiruna

By the end of this week, I will be moving to Lapland to work as a guide throughout the winter. As I'm getting pretty excited about it, I thought back of my first trip to the region. I ended up in a cosy cabin in Junosuando, a small village on the less frequently visited eastern … Continue reading The Lapland Express: Junosuando and Kiruna

Tyresta National Park

Two weeks ago, a group of Outdrr bloggers gathered in Stockholm to meet each other and spend the weekend in Tyresta national park. It was very nice to meet this group of like-minded people. Some of them have been working and living in nature for several years and it was incredibly interesting to speak to them … Continue reading Tyresta National Park