Has anyone noticed the women out there?

2600 kilometres into my Te Araroa hike I arrived in Queenstown. From there, my companions and I decided to detour from the trail and include the famous Routeburn Track. At the Routeburn Flats shelter we encountered a young German, who with many gestures was explaining an admiring girl that he had walked up to Mount Luxmore, a … Continue reading Has anyone noticed the women out there?


Tyresta National Park

Two weeks ago, a group of Outdrr bloggers gathered in Stockholm to meet each other and spend the weekend in Tyresta national park. It was very nice to meet this group of like-minded people. Some of them have been working and living in nature for several years and it was incredibly interesting to speak to them … Continue reading Tyresta National Park

Hiking Kungsleden – The King’s Trail

Kungsleden must be Sweden’s most famous hiking trail and is listed as one of the most beautiful trails in the world. Every summer, flocks of hikers occupy trains, airplanes and busses up north to walk part of this over 300 kilometer long track. The common route is a 120 km stretch from Abisko (the trail’s … Continue reading Hiking Kungsleden – The King’s Trail

Hiking in Sarek National Park: Preparations

Sarek was the longest and most challenging hiking trip I set up so far. Ever since we got the hike inside our heads last summer, Matthias and I thought hard about how we could best prepare for the long and intense trip we signed up for. We needed to improve our gear and our navigation … Continue reading Hiking in Sarek National Park: Preparations

Europe’s Great Wild: Hiking In Sarek National Park

Sarek national park is rightfully cherished by Swedes as Sweden's 'pearl' and 'treasure'. Located far north in the Arctic mountains, between Padjelanta and Stora Sjöfället national parks, it contains Sweden's most dramatic Alpine territory. Since the park has no well-developed trails, a mere 2 bridges to help you accross the many glacial rivers running into Rapa … Continue reading Europe’s Great Wild: Hiking In Sarek National Park

Hiking in Skuleskogen National Park

The tiny national park of Skuleskogen is one of Sweden's most well-known, and rightfully so. Matthias and I were amazed by the beauty of our surroundings during our entire stay in the park. The forest is amazingly rich. Green blueberry schrubberies seem to cover the entire forest floor, providing a fruit forest feast for any … Continue reading Hiking in Skuleskogen National Park

High Coast Hike

In the mean time, it is already time for the first real multiday hike of the summer. Tomorrow early morning me and my ever-present hiking partner Matthias will go about six hours northwards by train to go to a region called the High Coast (Höga Kusten). The landscape in this region is somewhat different from … Continue reading High Coast Hike