Mountain Safety

Both times I went on a longer mountain tour in Norway I got close to having an accident that could have led to at least a serious injury. Both situation involved rocks falling or sliding in my direction. Knowledge on mountain safety is important for mountain hiking. Having the proper first aid equipment with you, … Continue reading Mountain Safety


The Hiking Essentials

Finally! The short hiking season in the Scandinavian mountains is about to kick off. Time to let your boots get lost in the mountains and woods over snow-free trails, to enjoy summer evenings in absolute silence and to disappear of the grid for days or weeks on end. These mountain areas are wild. You can … Continue reading The Hiking Essentials

Hiking in Sarek National Park: Preparations

Sarek was the longest and most challenging hiking trip I set up so far. Ever since we got the hike inside our heads last summer, Matthias and I thought hard about how we could best prepare for the long and intense trip we signed up for. We needed to improve our gear and our navigation … Continue reading Hiking in Sarek National Park: Preparations

High Coast Hike

In the mean time, it is already time for the first real multiday hike of the summer. Tomorrow early morning me and my ever-present hiking partner Matthias will go about six hours northwards by train to go to a region called the High Coast (Höga Kusten). The landscape in this region is somewhat different from … Continue reading High Coast Hike