The Great Himalaya Trail, chapter 1: rumbles in Kathmandu

Back in Belgium, I got the feeling that the universe did not seem to be aligned for this trip. Never have I been seriously injured before, yet 3 weeks before flying to Kathmandu I took a muscle in my ankle. Wherever I needed to get to in Belgium had road diversions or cancelled trains. While … Continue reading The Great Himalaya Trail, chapter 1: rumbles in Kathmandu


Aarn Guiding Light: review

Our story with Aarn starts on Te Araroa in New Zealand. When we first started encountering these packs we frowned at them with great skepticism, wondering how awkward it must be walking with those pockets on the front of your body. We didn’t really understand the point of it, and we decided we did not … Continue reading Aarn Guiding Light: review

Great Himalaya Trail: Logistics

SEASON September - January/February Start in Kanchenjunga end of September, we might still hit the last of monsoon season. It will be very busy by the time we hit the Everest region (this might create problems finding accommodation in teahouses, so we should take tents) and Langtang. For the vast majority of trails we are … Continue reading Great Himalaya Trail: Logistics

Great Himalaya Trail: Gear List

Eef's gear list for the GHT: Clothing: Underwear: Devold Breeze Hipster Underpants (x3) + Devold Wool Fleece Bra, SheThinks underwear Base layers: Devold Breeze t-shirt, Devold Breeze shirt, Devold Breeze long john's Extra warm wool: Devold Alnes half zip neck, Devold Alnes Long John's (in KTM for first part of the hike) Wind jacket: Montbell Tachyon … Continue reading Great Himalaya Trail: Gear List

Another day in paradise

Three seasons in Swedish Lapland have gone and passed. Every season has come with an abundance of mixed feelings. Already in summer I decided it would be my last trip to the Swedish north. One to end it, one to close the chapter, one to enjoy driving sleds in Kiruna one more time. It didn’t … Continue reading Another day in paradise

The Great Himalaya Trail

A few years ago a man called Robin Boustead had a vision: to create a trail spanning the length of the entire Himalaya, from Bhutan in the east right through to Afghanistan in the west. Though there are some obvious practical and security issues with this, a route is roughly in place from Bhutan to … Continue reading The Great Himalaya Trail

The road through Norway, part IV: Svalbard

Being the last outpost before the North Pole, the backcountry of Svalbard is one that truly deserves to be called wilderness. On these desolate islands approximately 2500 people share the land with more than 3000 polar bears. The geography is striking: pointy mountains rising out of the sea, broad valleys crosscut by glacial rivers, ridgelines … Continue reading The road through Norway, part IV: Svalbard

The end

Coming to the end of a winter season feels very similar to coming to the end of a long hike: it's an intense period and it seems that it will never stop, then suddenly it's all over. People who were automatically around go their own ways. Life as it is stops right there. My last … Continue reading The end


  Spring always represents a clean break in the season. Suddenly I wake up early in the morning because the sun is piercing my eyes. It's so warm outside that I only need a fleece jacket to go around. God forbid, I have to take sunglasses on tour, I need them for driving, I need … Continue reading Spring

The beginning of the end

For the past five days I have been so incredibly tired that all I felt I could do, was sleep. Outside endless snow kept falling from the sky. Around 50cm of fresh powder must have been dumped on us during the past three days. When I was driving back PJ's overnight guests yesterday, they asked me if the … Continue reading The beginning of the end